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LED Lighting Installations

Surrey Heath Council

The Big Green Electrical Company recently completed an LED lighting installation for Surrey Heath Council at their Knoll Road multi story car park in Camberley.

The car park consists of 9 floors with around 30 40 watt fluorescent strip lights per floor, one light over every other parking bay.

These lights were on constantly 24 hours a day, 7 days per week resulting in a high electricity bill for the council each month.

We were asked to source an alternate LED light fitting and a method of lighting the car park so the users would still have adequate lighting, but the council would see a considerable reduction in the cost of electricity.

With the help of a lighting specialist from Ovia who are part of the Scolmore Group we were able to offer a solution to use Anti-Corrosive Linear lights that would be on permanently and Anti-Corrosive Linear light with microwave sensor.

The microwave sensor within the light fitting has dip switches that allows the flexibility of setting the fitting to activate on a person approaching, within a set distance and activate for a set time.

This therefore allowed adequate lighting on floors with the lights that were on during the course of the day and additional lighting for car park users as the light reduced and people walked under the microwave sensor LED fittings.

We were able to do a calculation of total savings which was estimated in the region of £27,000.

We also installed override switches that enabled the car park staff to individually switch off the lighting per floor if a particular floor was not in use.

The return on investment for the council meant that the whole project would be paid for within two years with the new lights being far more reliable reducing the maintenance costs required in the future.


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