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Solar Panel Installation Guildford

14 Solar Panel System

Our customer in Guildford had received inaccurate quotes from solar panel installers that were purely generated online without visiting the property and conducting an on-site survey, so he turned to our team for help.

He was looking for a solar panel installation and equipment setup that could be completed quickly, and our team was more than happy to oblige!

We offered a quote and promised to finish the job within four weeks. Impressed with our speed and efficiency, he agreed to our offer.

We had to consider the chimney to the rear roof that could potentially cast a shadow over the eight solar panels installed to the east elevation.

We installed the Tigo optimisers behind each of the eight panels that improved the output of each panel when there was shadowing over the array.

See the video to see Dan explain more on the Tigo system.

Overall the customer was very happy with the modern look of the panels and the savings per year that the installation provided.

With two young boys the household was consuming over 7367KWh per year of electricity costing over £2,000 per year. With a system of 5.6KW we were able to reduce the electricity imported by 33% with savings of £680 per year.

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