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Claiming your grant for an electric vehicle charging point

electric vehicle charging points

Reduce Emissions with an Electric Car

Owning an electric car is a great way to get around and it goes without saying that it’s also good for the environment. While it’s nice to do your bit about emissions, one of the big attractions for many owners is the convenience offered by being able to plug the car in at night and wake up to a fully charged ready to go, vehicle in the morning.

Sounds great.

No more petrol stations and the smell of diesel on your shoes.

Even better you may have heard you can get a grant to cover most of the costs of installing your charging point. So, if you are a homeowner and wondering if you can get a grant to help with the installation of a charging point for your electric vehicle, then you need to read on.

Will you qualify for a grant to install an electric point?

Assuming your home meets the requirements issued by the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV), then you can still get the grant, but only if you complete it before March 31st, 2022. The grant, known as the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), will provide up to £350 towards the installation of a suitable charging point on the wall of your home.

There is a full description of the scheme available at the link at the bottom of this article. To boil it all down though, to qualify for the OZEV grant you do need to meet some criteria such as:

Your parking must qualify as ‘off road’ but it doesn’t need to be specifically attached to your house. For example, an allocated parking space for a multi-occupancy building such as a block of flats will probably still qualify.

We need to be able to install the charge point without needing trailing cables or any risk to public walkways.

More than 2 metres from a public highway (your driveway or parking space is unlikely to be less than this).

You must be the registered keeper of an electric vehicle that meets the requirements of the scheme. You can even apply if you lease, or your vehicle is a company car as long as you can prove 6 months of use.

MYTH BUSTING POINT – You do not need to be the homeowner. If your landlord approves, you are probably still eligible.

There are some other criteria around listed buildings, monuments, and conservation areas, which do not normally affect most applicants.

The change in EVHS is coming and it is coming soon!

Grant Ending Soon

The bottom line on the grant is that it is going to go end soon, so our advice is ‘know where you stand’ by acting now. When the grant goes there are no plans to replace it. It will still be available for businesses that qualify though, so if you are a business owner we need to chat through your options.

Fortunately, for homeowners thinking about a charge point, it is fairly a simple process. To be frank, the initial enquiry is actually very short, and we can tell you the situation regarding your likelihood of qualifying very quickly. To meet the needs of the grant we will then usually have to do a site survey and take some information about the property. This all does take some time to arrange though, hence the urgency to complete before March 31st.

City centres will soon be a no go for non-electric vehicles.

Zero-Emission Vehicles

The move toward more zero-emission vehicles is not something that is going to change. More and more cities will soon be taking the same approach as Oxford by introducing Zero Emission Zones (ZeZ).

These new zones are needed to reduce the pollution that is a blight on our town centres, but they will make using petrol, diesel and even hybrid cars a pretty expensive option for getting around town. As you can imagine, with the increase in electric vehicle sales and the closing of the grant to homeowners, there has been quite a rush to get points installed before the deadline hits. In short, If you are going to claim the grant you need to be thinking about it now.

References: Electric Vehicle Home charge scheme overview from .GOV

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