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When you switch to an electric vehicle you will need to think about how you will charge it. For most people that means having an electric car charger point on the outside of their house. The good news is that this makes charging an electric vehicle much easier than filling a petrol or diesel one. All you need to do is remember to attach your car to the charging point and it will soon be ready to go.

What is a car charging point and how does it work?

The short answer is probably exactly as you imagine. An electric car is essentially powered by a bank of batteries that store the energy to run the vehicle. The electric car charger point is there to recharge those batteries. You plug the car into the charge point using a flexible cable and it will refuel. Simple as that.

The charge point itself works from your domestic electricity supply so installing the charging point is a quick, easy, process. Once it is installed you simply pull up, plug in your car and that’s it, the system will automatically take care of the rest. The amount of time to a full charge will vary a little but, as most people charge their cars overnight, you should always have a fully charged car.

Do electric car charger points vary?

Yes, just like any product, there are various kinds of charging point available, and they all have their merits. While all the charging points will do the job of powering your car, there are subtle difference between them that make it worth understanding the features. Which you choose will depend on your circumstances and preferences. These are just a selection of the currently available options to give you a quick overview.

The Anderson A2 is a great choice if you are looking for something that will fit the personality of your house. It has a choice of finishes ranging from single colour through to traditional wood. It is also very neat with a totally enclosed cable and plug and some clever design means it is quick to install. The Anderson also features remote locking via the app and fast charging.

MyEnergy Zappi is a high tech and eco-friendly option. One of the nicest aspects of the Zappi is that it will run on solar and wind power as well as operating as a standard charger making it one of the most versatile options available. One nice feature is that it doesn’t need an app to set it up, everything is controlled by the charger itself.

The Hypervolt looks great and is a nice, mid-range option. The integrated cable stores neatly round the charging unit and if you need a longer one, there are a series of length options. The Hypervolt plays well with others and will integrate with your home hub and smart systems.

The Wallbox has an incredibly small footprint. The tiny charge point is smaller than your toaster without sacrificing the power you need. It is controlled via the convenient, easy to use app, which gives you up to the minute information and locks the charger for safety. It can take a little longer to install the Wallbox, but where space is at a premium, or you are looking for something small and unobtrusive, it is a clear winner.

Which electric car charger point to choose?

In the end it is really about lifestyle and the location for your charge point as much as it is about the right technology. Whatever charge point you go with, there are some things it will definitely not come with though, these include standing in the rain pumping a smelly, polluting liquid into your old gas guzzler, trying to convince your engine to start on a cold morning and setting off to work only to find you are low on petrol. Instead, they come with convenience, lower fuel bills and cleaner energy.

In an article like this we can’t really go into the full details, and everyone has different needs so it’s best to talk things through with us. So, call us as soon as you make your choice to switch to an electric vehicle. We will be happy to run through your options and help you decide which works best for you, your lifestyle, and your unique circumstances.

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