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Solar Panel Installation


We recently installed a ground mounted system of 66 solar panels in a field at the rear of a client’s property. Each panel is secured to a Renusol ConSole bucket that provides an angle of 15 degrees and was secured with bags of ballast.  The two strings of 33 panels per string return to an outbuilding where we installed a three phase SolarEdge SE25K  inverter with the SolarEdge Modbus. The inverter and Modbus required a separate supply so in addition we installed an 18th Edition six way 3 phase consumer unit.

The SolarEdge system with power optimisers offers panel by panel isolation resulting in greater production when shading is an issue on part of the array. Through the SolarEdge monitoring platform we can access real time data 24/7, including technical data and financial performance.  The platform will show us the solar production of each panel and allow us to pin point exactly where there might be faults if they arise. In our opinion it is the best system available on the market to install.

This system has resulted in a massive benefit to the owners energy consumption. At a time where energy prices are going sky high, a Solar PV system is a great return on your investment and reduces the money handed over to the utility companies.

If you are interested in Solar PV and battery storage for your home or business premises then please contact us for more information.

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