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Home Battery Storage Systems

For many of our solar PV customers, getting a home battery system is the obvious next step. Battery storage is a great way of storing surplus solar power ensuring it can be used during high consumption times and prevents the power going, that way making your property even more self-sufficient.

Battery storage can also be used to charge up from the grid during low-cost periods, normally from mid night to 7 am, like the old economy 7 tariff times, this can then be discharged back into the property during the peak times when everyone is using all the electrical equipment within the home.

Some home batteries now come with the ability to ride through power cuts, so your supply of electricity is entirely secure.


GivEnergy Battery Storage System

We can supply and install a range of batteries from GivEnergy, including the GIV-Bat-ECO 2.6, and the GIV-Bat 9.2 Unlimited. These batteries are:

  • Available wall mounted with rubber legs
  • Delivered with a ten-year warranty
  • Designed with active cell balancing
  • Designed with LifeP04 Cell Technology
  • Manufactured with at least 90% depth of discharge

Sonnen Battery Storage System

We are also approved partners with Sonnen battery that comes enclosed in a cabinet that allows for a stylish and sleek installation meaning it does not look out of place in an office or garage. 

The system is robust and comes with a fantastic 10-year warranty to give you piece of mind that the system will stand the test of time. The expected working life of the system is over 20 years!

The Sonnen system comes in either a AC coupled or Hybrid version and in both single and three phase. There is also the option to add the Sonnen protect that will allow you to draw power from the system during a power cut.

The Sonnen system is built in Germany and comes with the expected German quality, we have been over to Germany for a tour around their factory and it was quite extraordinary!



Batteries enable you to capture surplus electricity and store it for later use. Usually, batteries are connected to an on-site energy generation system, such as solar panels. During the day, if your solar panels produce more electricity than your property needs, the extra electricity is automatically diverted to your battery. Once the battery is fully charged, any surplus electricity is automatically exported to the grid so you can be paid for it. During the night, when your solar panels are not producing electricity, your stored electricity is used to power household appliances.

Put simply, yes! Battery storage increases your energy bill savings because it means more of your electricity comes from your solar panels (for free) and less comes from the grid (which you have to pay for). On top of that, any electricity you do buy from the grid will be cheaper because you can draw it out during off-peak times (when it’s least expensive) and store it for later use. Battery storage does not affect Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) payments – you can still be paid for selling any surplus solar electricity you don’t use back to the grid. And that’s all before you’ve even considered the numerous other benefits – a reduced carbon footprint, improved energy security and increased independence to name just a few.

Our batteries are simple to charge and maintain. They require no fuel or cleaning and pretty much run themselves. There are certain things you can do to maximise the health of your battery. It should be stored somewhere cool and secure, but we will ensure the location is appropriate during battery installation. The way you charge your battery can also affect its performance – for example, you should avoid completely discharging it to 0%. But an integrated battery controller will manage this for you.

The size and type of battery required will depend on how much electricity you use and how much electricity your solar panels generate. At The Big Green Electrical Company, we offer flexible systems and can even connect additional batteries to build up a battery bank if your energy demands change down the line. For a typical domestic solar panel system, a battery could be anywhere between the size of a laptop and a washing machine. Capacities range from 3 to 16 kWh. To put that in perspective, a 4-kWh battery system could power the kettle 37 times. The best way to find out how much battery storage you need is to get in touch with us today.

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