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More and more houses, including home conversions and property developments, are integrating into Smart Home Systems.  The Big Green Electrical Company specializes in making homes completely automated, using the very best and latest technology systems.

A Smart Home Installation offers you the ability to bring together your audio, visual, lighting, security, CCTV, home WIFI and blinds creating a stress-free and relaxed lifestyle.

We design your home to be completely managed and controlled using an easy to use app via any smartphone or device, simple wall panel systems or programmed remote controls.

We install hi-end, trusted operating systems such as control 4 that pull all of these devices together, resulting in a reliable platform that will give you the ultimate Smart Home experience.

  • Lighting Control – Bring your room alive by setting different scenes and shades for multiple environments.  All controlled and managed from one smart wall unit or smart device.
  • CCTV and Security – Security and CCTV are vital parts of keeping your family safe.  We design and install CCTV systems to match your personal requirements.  If a Smart Home System is installed alongside the CCTV, live video feeds can be watched from your smart device.
  • Home Network – In the modern day a solid home Wifi network is the backbone of any property.  The average home has countless connected devices which all need a solid network to be able to perform efficiently.
  • Automated Heating – Our innovative smart home technology will enable you to be in full, digital control of all your home’s heating or cooling needs. Simple to operate and with great flexibility, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

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