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SolarEdge Inverter Technology

Investing in Solar Energy for your home is a big financial commitment. Therefore, The Big Green Electrical Company recommend SolarEdge inverters, which offer a high performance, smart solar energy solution for your home. Integrating power optimisation will further maximise your energy production and savings.

Additional benefits include industry leading warranties, advanced safety features and free advanced real-time system monitoring.

solar energy edge-convertor

How does a SolarEdge Optimiser work?

The SolarEdge power optimiser is a converter which is connected to each solar module turning them into smart modules. The SolarEdge power optimisers increase energy output from PV systems by constantly tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of each module individually. This will isolate individual panels in order to improve overall system performance.

  • Panels work individually
  • Ability to oversize the output of panels
  • Advanced online monitoring platform
  • Long warranty period as standard with options to extend
  • Compact inverter design
  • Excellent aftersales support


We are approved partners with GivEnergy, a British owned battery storage company that provide a variety of hybrid inverters and AC coupler inverters.

These can work with a normal string array which is perfect for customers on a tighter budget where SolarEdge would be too expensive.

The GivEnergy monitoring platform and apps offer one of the most advanced platforms on the market allowing full monitoring control, remote firmware upgrades and site-specific settings.

The system also works with Agile Octopus that lets you take advantage of charging your battery back from the grid at a cheaper off-peak rate.


How The Process Works

Speak with one of our team and with a few questions we can use our software to design you a bespoke proposal with full details of your roof with quote.

When you are happy, we can do a full site assessment of the property and talk you through the installation. We can also make an application to the district network operator to install the solar system.

Choose an installation date that works for you. The scaffolding company will erect the scaffolding before the installation so our technicians can install your new system.

Once the system is complete a team member will guide you through the system, set up a monitoring app on your smartphone and give you all the information required.

Renewable Energy Consumer Code

The Big Green Electrical Company is a member of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC). The Code covers businesses who sell small-scale renewable or low carbon heat or power generation units such as solar panels.

It is backed by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) and sets out high standards of consumer protection for domestic customers.

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While solar panels perform best when it is sunny out, our solar panels are the best in the industry, and can generate energy in both direct and indirect sunlight.

Because no two properties are alike, no two solar installations are alike, and depending on the slope and direction of your roof, as well as your energy needs, your solar requirements will vary. Our skilled technicians will evaluate your property and offer honest recommendations on the size and scope of your installation.

Not only does solar installation reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, but also reduces your overall carbon footprint, cutting down on pollution that damages both the environment and human health.

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