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Solar PV Energy Systems

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly, affordable means to power your home and office?

If you’re searching for a cost-saving solar energy system, then we have a passion at The Big Green Electrical Company for delivering high quality Solar PV installations that are designed for your needs. With electricity prices creeping up year on year, solar energy is an ideal option for those looking to reduce spending.

Many people assume that it takes a lot of effort to switch to Solar power, but this simply isn’t the case with us. We are a full-service solar installation company, and we’re proud to oversee projects from conception to completion.

If you’re interested in residential solar panels, we’ve got you covered. We take care of every aspect of the installation process, so you can sit back, take it easy, and start enjoying the savings without any stress at all.

Home Solar Panels

Residential solar systems have so many benefits for homeowners. A home solar panel installation won’t just save money on your electric bill every time you turn on a light or fire up your laptop. It will also boost the value of your home significantly.

We only want to use the best equipment possible; we understand that the solar industry is a global market, however we want our suppliers to have people you can talk to in the UK that demonstrate great customer service and honour the full warranty period.

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